Designing The Perfect Date And Time Picker

What could be so difficult about designing a decent date picker? Basically, we just need an input field and an icon that represents a calendar clearly enough, and once the user clicks on that icon, we pop up a little overlay with the days lined up in rows.
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"Google, right now, is making 500 algorithm changes a year,” Laetsch says. “Every change is focused on making sure that when someone searches on Google, if they get the right result on the first few pages, they’ve got a great experience. It’s not, ‘How am I going to tweak the engine or trick Google, Bing or Yahoo?’ It’s how you make sure that your content is the best possible content on the Internet for the words that you care about.”
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Three Simple Steps


An effective digital marketing strategy is to set achievable goals or objectives

Set Your Goals

The best immediate goals that will help you reach you mid- and long- range goals.

Target Audience

Whole different deal using social media and content rather traditional advertising.

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At Examlysis, we devise a Search Engine Optimization strategy specifically for your business, keeping the relevant keywords, your site, and also your competitors in mind. We always audit it to guarantee the best analysis and the after plans for your website, thus providing custom solutions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Social Media Optimizatoin (SMO)
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Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
PPC is a very powerful service to get your website great
Web Design & Development
We specialise in building propelling corporate websites
Android Development
Leverage the power of free open source software
Ecommerce Solutions
Outstanding design services at affodable price

You Are Ready to Grow Your Business

  • Your head and heart are in the right place.
  • The money is starting to roll in.
  • You have assembled a killer team that has what it takes to manage a much larger business.
  • You have enough cash in the bank or cash you can bank on.
  • You have your processes in place.
  • When you feel you are being dragged along by your fingernails, it’s time to embrace growth.
  • Control and planning prevents surprises and problems that come with growth.
  • Know where you want to go.
  • Nail it and then scale it.
  • Delegate or outsource as soon as you can afford it.

There are various on-page factors that can affect a page’s SEO rankings, such as headings, keyword density, internal links, rich snippets and more. When you make changes to a page, make sure the new page layout and content maintain and strengthen on-page SEO factors. This will help stabilize the search rankings when you roll out the changes.

How can Partner assist your business?

As a leading Internet marketing agency, we know that your company is unique. We want you to embrace what makes you different, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. That's why we offer solutions customized to fit your unique business needs, goals, and expectations. Whether you’re searching for a partner to manage your online presence or a full-service firm to design and boost your website to the top spot in the search engines, we can create a package just for you.

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We design websites that are forward-compatible, meaning they'll continue to function properly and look sharp on all future browsers and devices. No matter what new phone may come out next month, or what new resolution may be required, your site will respond appropriately, thanks to the power of forward-compatible technology and out-of-the-box responsive design.

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As a leading web development company, we've also worked with a large variety of content management systems including Magento, Wordpress, sugarCRM, Joomla, PHPnuke, OS Commerce, Microsoft SharePoint Portal, BEA Aqua Logic Web Portal, and X-Cart.

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We're a leader in innovative Internet marketing solutions. We keep the focus on driving results.

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Keyword density tells you how often a search term appears in a text in relation to the total number of words it contains.

Onpage optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position.

In the field of SEO, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage.

Our SEO review consists of several factors like a content, linking structure, social media efforts, and its trust on the internet.

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  • On/Off Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Content Marketing
$ 199.50 per month
  • Initial Review & Analysis
  • On/Off Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Content Marketing
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